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The 2011 Workbench Challenge

Since I started playing with hobby electronics I’ve been making do with somewhat of a makeshift workbench, which consists of some space of my desk combined with a tray table that I stole from my husband. The table is small and wobbly. The space on the desk is not permanent, so I have to put things away when I’m done working with them, and take them out again when I’m ready to work. I need easier access to my parts: some are stored in a plastic cabinet that sit on a bookshelf, some are scattered throughout the room.

Makeshift workbenchMy goal for 2011 is to create a decent dedicated working area, a workbench of sorts where I can leave my unfinished projects even when I’m not actively working on them. In order to do that I need to buy a long narrow table that will serve as the workbench. The problem is that the space where I envision the table to go is currently occupied by a shelf with tons on books and other junk. The plan is to get rid of the books and the junk, get rid of the shelf, and clear the area around it to accommodate the table.

I’ve started getting rid of the books: I’ve bought a Kindle to be my new library and donated a few bags full to the local library. There are still quite a few books left, and a lot of junk. It is April already and I seem to be a long way to go until I can make room for the bench and storage area.

Storage shelfSo I thought maybe if I post pictures here and make my goal public, I’ll feel compelled to take action on it and actually get this accomplished before the end of the year. The pictures on this post are of the wobbly table and desk area currently used as workbench and the book shelf that serves as storage. There are plastic bins with parts all over the room, and the goal is to consolidate everything in one area for easy access to everything I need when I’m working.

I would like to have the table, some shelves (those that attach to the wall) and room for the plastic bins, as well as easy access to my tools and parts.

I will post updates when I make any sort of progress toward my goal. Ha! Maybe when I’m done I’ll submit my all new and improved workbench to The Amp Hour’s Workbench of the Week!

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