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Arduino RGB LED Spinning Night Light: Assembly | Part 2

* This is a multi-part post. Here are links to all parts:

Part 1: Overview and bill of materials
Part 2: Assembly, this post
Part 3: DC motor control
Part 4: RGB LED control

Here are the steps:

  1. Solder wires to motor terminals and cover with heat-shrink tubing
  2. Using a knife, sharp scissors or an awl, puncture a small hole (to fit the motor shaft snugly) on the center of the jar lid
  3. Solder motor shaft to jar lid (if necessary use hot glue or super glue, as some surfaces won’t “catch” the solder easily)
  4. Solder the RGB LED leads to long wires and cover the connections with heat-shrink tubing
  5. Build the circuit on the mini breadboard using the schematic as your guide
  6. Prepare the paper diffuser (use a hole puncher and punch a few holes to allow some light to shine through) and tape it around the jar lid using mounting tape
  7. Mount the motor to the side of the breadboard using mounting tape
  8. Tie the LED wires together and secure the wire bundle using a stick as prop (I used a lollipop stick in one of the holes on the breadboard); split the stick tip shaping it as a “Y” to help secure the LED wires in place(show finished picture)

Check the previous post if you need to see the parts list and sketch for the Arduino RGB LED night light again.

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